Established in 1937

Mitchell Bros. Truck Line actually began in 1930 hauling logs to the brother’s saw mills. Jim and Bud Mitchell later started hauling other commodities after acquiring the proper operating authority; we say that the actual hauling as a Common Carrier began in 1937.

The company gradually grew through various acquisitions and authority expansions to hold an eminent position as an irregular route common carrier, combining direct service and trailer interchange on a nationwide basis.

In 1977, Mitchell Bros. was purchased by Warren Littlejohn and Malcolm Stephenson, who, in turn, acquired the Lester Smith Truck line that had their operation in Colorado.

In 1982, Vern Cross purchased Mitchell Bros., and ran it until 1987 when Gordon Cohoon bought the company. Gordon ran the company until his passing in 2013.  Mitchell Bros. continued operations in trust until 2017 when Kan Sandhu purchased the company.

Over the years, Mitchell Bros. has transformed itself from logging to a common carrier, only to be revamped because of deregulation. Mitchell Bros. still services the 48 states on a common carrier license, but specializes in the movement of containers and larger loads that require eight axle equipment in the Pacific Northwest.

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