January 31st, 2016 Trucking Tidbits

Customers and Drivers are Number 1 Charles McConaughy, company driver of the year! Charles McConaughy has been selected the 2015 Company Driver of the Year for Mitchell Bros.  Charlie started working for us back in 1993. Charlie operates unit #1017 and works in our Container fleet based out of Portland, OR .  Charlie is our first 2 time winner. He was previously selected as our driver of the year in 1998. In addition to the 2015 Company Driver of the  Year award, Charlie was also the recipient of a safe driving award.  As our Company Driver of the Year, Mitchell Bros. prese...
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Trucking Tidbits

Drivers of the Quarter Robert "Bob" Carey  James Wisenbaugh Bob is a Company Driver in our Local Container Division. Bob has been with Mitchell Bros. since March 3rd, 2011.  James is a Company Driver in our Regional Container Division. James has been with Mitchell Bros. since October 11th, 2012.  Some of the qualifications of these drivers are no accidents or freight claims, they consistently log in and out of CarrierWeb properly with no log violations, and all of their paperwork is turned in timely and in good order. They have not had any poor roadside inspections nor have they...
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